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I am a writer, engineer and advocate.

I write about matters in the public interest from a Stoic perspective. I have been both left and right and I prefer not to engage in partisan politics. Yet I am deeply concerned about our ability and willingness to govern ourselves properly and I believe that social media platforms have taken us off the path of deliberative collaboration for making better policy.

I build and sell commercial decision support systems as a professional. I have 30 years in the business of enterprise and cloud architectures for data warehousing, business intelligence and big data analytics. I have been an engineer, a practice leader and am now working towards mastery of data science and machine learning. I intend to inform all of my interests with emerging technology to serve individuals, families and the greater good.

I advocate for the defense of rights as a civil libertarian, especially against human trafficking and crimes against children. I am a champion of intellectual diversity, pluralism, open society and civic rationality. I am a current and previous board member of non-profit organizations in support of these aims.

My aim is for wisdom through discovery, humility, humor and reason.

I am on a continuous journey of learning and service. I strongly believe in agility. I am motivated to be anti-fragile under conditions of dislocating change.